The Non-Judicial Settlement Agreement Wrapper - An Alternative to Directed Trusts


Trusts, Estates & Tax Group partner Todd Flubacher, and associate Kenneth Hunt, authored "The Non-Judicial Settlement Agreement Wrapper - An Alternative to Directed Trusts" featured in the December 2013 edition of Trusts & Estates

The country's leading trust jurisdictions have been experiencing enormous growth in recent years from two sources: the creation of new trusts and the migration of existing trusts to take advantage of more favorable administrative laws.  It's become commonplace to optimize planning through careful jurisdiction selection, migrating an existing trust to an advantageous jurisdiction and modifying the trust to capitalize on the new administrative laws, including converting it to a directed trust to accomplish specific objectives.  The techniques available to migrate and modify a trust including decanting, trust merger and judicial or non-judicial modification.  However, an alternative structure to directed trusts exists.  In jurisdictions that have adopted the Uniform Trust Code (UTC), and states that have adopted a stand-alone non-judicial settlement agreement (NJSA) statute, the concept of an "NJSA wrapper" is another tool for achieving client objectives, but one that requires a new way of thinking about trustee powers, duties and liabilities.

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Todd A. Flubacher, Kenneth F. Hunt, “The Non-Judicial Settlement Agreement Wrapper - An Alternative to Directed Trusts,” Trusts & Estates Magazine (December 2013)


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